How to Start a Family Tradition

Family traditions are the moments where regardless of what is going on or who is there, these are the moments that bring families together, helping them to grow together in love. What are some good family traditions to start though? What are the ones that will... [read more]

By Handler Homes 10-10-2017

Fall is on its Way

It’s hard to believe that the kids are getting ready for the school year again and in a couple of weeks will start. This is a telltale sign that fall will be here shortly. There is some home maintenance that is needed to get your home... [read more]

By Handler Homes 8-9-2017

Decorating with High Ceilings

Many new homes that are built have at least a couple of rooms with high ceilings. This feature in homes is very beautiful but can sometimes be hard to decorate or to make it feel more intimate. With a few tricks though it is possible to... [read more]

By Handler Homes 6-20-2017

Create the Perfect Patio this Summer

Most of us love to spend our time outside in the summer sun. We love the fresh air on our face and a nice getaway to enjoy a delightful book. This summer create the perfect getaway spot in your backyard! Most people love something that is... [read more]

By Handler Homes 5-30-2017

Summer Is Almost Here

It’s starting to be that time of year again where the kids are almost out of school and pools will soon be full. Needless to say, summer is just about here! So, what does that mean for you? Well, the house needs to be in shape... [read more]

By Handler Homes 5-9-2017

Why Buy a New Home

When searching for the next place you want to live, it can be hard to decide. One of the first decisions you have to make is what kind of house you will buy; will it be new or from a previous owner? There are many advantages to buying... [read more]

By Handler Homes 2-7-2017

Winter Floor Care in the Home

Winter is certainly here. That means the weather turns from rain to snow, and leads to mud and slush on the ground. At Handler Homes we build with quality materials and we want you to keep your new home looking just as beautiful as the day... [read more]

By Handler Homes 12-23-2016