About Supreme Lending

Supreme Lending is a mortgage originator. We have built a level of trust with our investors and that translates into Supreme’s ability to underwrite, close and fund loans which the investors will buy. For the consumer it means lower interest rates, closing costs and faster turnaround time. Our loans are handled by our licensed mortgage originators who personalize the loan process and provide timely and informed communication with the customer.

About Pike Creek Mortgage Services

Pike Creek Mortgage Services, Inc. is a licensed mortgage lender with the Delaware State Banking Commissioner and the Pennsylvania Department of Banking. In addition, we are licensed in Maryland, New Jersey and Florida.

You will find that Pike Creek Mortgage provides prompt service in a professional and efficient manner. We offer programs to meet every credit situation. Pike Creek Mortgage is conveniently located in Newark, Delaware.

Utilizing the most efficient technology available enables us to ensure that the mortgage process starts as easy as it will end. We provide personal services and products that surpass any bank or lending institution.