How to Steam Clean Your Oven

Cleaning the oven is one of those necessary but dreaded chores. It is difficult to get in there, it requires a lot of elbow grease, and it is tough on your back. Not to mention the fact that most oven cleaners, while effective, contain toxic chemicals... [read more]

By Handler Homes 5-20-2022

Tips That Can Help You Meet a Down Payment

Our team at Handler Homes is motivated by the joy families get from receiving the keys to their home. We want everyone to be able to have the security and comfort of having their own home. A... [read more]

By Handler Homes 4-19-2022

How to Make Stainless Steel Shine

At Handler Homes, we pride ourselves on building homes with quality details and materials so that they stand the test of time. One such material that has a timeless quality is stainless steel. Keeping stainless steel shiny can be a challenge, however. Here are... [read more]

By Handler Homes 3-21-2022

Alternatives to Salt When Melting Ice

Snow, ice, and everything... not nice. These are things we are all too familiar with in Delaware. When you get to remain cozy inside your Handler Home, these things are much less bothersome. But that is not a luxury you can always... [read more]

By Handler Homes 2-18-2022

30-Year Home Loans vs 15-Year Loans

The professionals at Handler Homes are committed to helping our customers get the biggest bang for their hard-earned bucks. One expense customers often express trepidation about is their mortgage.

Many people are familiar with the commonly obtained 30-year fixed rate loans. That said, this... [read more]

By Handler Homes 1-21-2022

Declutter Your Home by Getting Rids of These Common Household Items

At Handler Homes, we believe that you should not have to settle when buying your family home. We offer our clients the best of both worlds by offering a variety of starting floorplans to choose from along with a satisfying selection of customizations.

For... [read more]

By Handler Homes 12-15-2021

Why You Should Get a Puppy

At Handler homes, we find great satisfaction in offering families a place to live. We built houses with backyards where our families can play and relax. Despite many people thinking that pets are too much work and not wanting to deal with the mess,... [read more]

By Handler Homes 11-23-2021

How to Keep Heat from Escaping Your Home

Delaware is pleasant all year-round, but we still get our four seasons! In order to prepare your home for the colder months ahead, Handler Homes wants to share a few ways that you can better insulate your home so you can keep utility bills... [read more]

By Handler Homes 10-25-2021

How to Fill Your Home with Fall Scents

For many people, fall is their favorite season. And we can see why. The weather is mild, trees become decorated with shades of yellow, orange, and red, and people are eager to partake in some of their favorite comfort foods. Delaware enjoys some of... [read more]

By Handler Homes 9-20-2021

Disinfecting The Right Way

Most homeowners strive to maintain interior cleanliness. As the global Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage on, an appreciable percentage of such individuals place an even greater emphasis on issues like disinfection. That said, however, you want to be extra cautious not to expose yourself or loved... [read more]

By Handler Homes 8-23-2021