Clear Your Driveway of Snow Without a Shovel

For freshly fallen snow, you can clear driveways and pathways with the help of a leaf blower. This is a great first option when snow is still soft and moveable. Once it gets hard and compacted, you will need to look for tougher snow removal methods.

Sweep It Away

If you do not have a leaf blower handy either, a broom can be useful. Again, this method works best with soft, fresh snow.

Break Out the Handy Dandy Salt

A tried-and-true snow removal tactic is sprinkling salt onto your driveway. This method does require a bit more planning, though. Make a habit of checking the local weather forecast at the beginning of the week. If you see that snowy or icy conditions are expected, lay down a layer of salt onto your driveway the night before. Keep in mind that salt only works when temps are above five degrees. If temperatures are expected to be lower than that, you might want to put down a layer of sand as well to give your car tires more traction.

Utilize Melting Mats

Another effective preventative option are snow melting mats. When your local area is expecting a snowfall, just lay down a few melting mats along your driveway, plug them in, and let them do their job. If you hate how labor-intensive snow removal can be, investing in these mats can be worth it.

Make a Snowman

If you are the type of person that likes to make the best out of every situation, why not make snow removal a fun activity! If it is the right kind of snow, you can clear your driveway while building a snowman. The bigger the snowman, the more snow it will clear off of your path.

And there you have it! A few effective ways to remove snow from your driveway, even when you do not have a shovel handy.

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By Handler Homes 12-20-2022