How to Create a Warm Living Space

A new house is like a primed white canvas, ready to be turned into a work of art. Even a beautifully crafted house is still left wanting without a personal touch. If you are excited to make your house feel more like a home, here are a few decorating staples to help you create a warm and inviting space.

Hang Art

Bare white walls can make a room feel sterile and unwelcoming to be in. If that is not the feeling you are going for, then opt for some art on your walls. This can be quite fun to play around with. You can do a whole gallery wall or even showcase just a few standout pieces. Regardless, make it something you love. That way every time you walk into a room it will surely make you smile.

Switch to Soft Lighting

Soft lighting can have a powerful effect on the warmth of a room. Soft lighting can help make it easier for people to relax. If you can, try to incorporate soft lighting by installing some hidden cove or valance lights. You can also mellow out the harshness of more traditional lighting by incorporating shades.

Add a Rug

Whether you have hardwood, stone, or carpeted flooring, throwing down a rug will instantly add warmth both literally and figuratively. Not only can a rug provide warmth from a cold floor, but it is also a great opportunity to lend your creativity to the room. Rugs come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns. So, whatever feel you are going for, you can achieve it with a rug.

Incorporate Candles

Even if you do not have or want a fireplace, incorporating some fiery elements like candles can bring the warmth without bringing the heat. Lighting a few candles just before guests come over will create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Or, you can enjoy the warm ambiance all by yourself. You do you.

Load Up on Cozy Textiles

Much like rugs, blankets and pillows can dramatically enhance the level of coziness in a room. Drape a chunky knit blanket over your couch or have a whole basket of blankets at the ready for a beautifully homey feel. In addition, toss a few soft pillows around your couch to make settling in for a quiet night almost impossible to resist.

Our team here at Handler Homes hopes you have found your forever home. If not, why not take a look at our available homes? Or, if you would like more ideas on how to make your house feel more like a home, take a look at our other blogs.

By Handler Homes 12-26-2019