Fall is on its Way

It’s hard to believe that the kids are getting ready for the school year again and in a couple of weeks will start. This is a telltale sign that fall will be here shortly. There is some home maintenance that is needed to get your home ready for the fall. With only a few weeks left it’s important to do the following to be ready for the chilly breeze to come back.

  1. Bedding

Many times, in the summer we get our light sheets and comforter because it gets so hot. You may sleep with the windows up and get a cool breeze going in the house but in the weeks to follow you’ll feel it getting a little colder. When fall hits you’re going to want to make sure you have your heavy comforter and cotton or flannel sheets ready to go. Get a head start now by getting them out and giving them a good wash. Then you can store them in a closest that is nearby for when that epically chilly night tells you its fall.

  1. Heating Check

Once it cools down you’ll then be turning the heat on and off. Now is the time to start looking at scheduling a furnace and boiler check to make sure everything is operating smoothly and to get a tune up. There is nothing worse than having your furnace go out on you in the middle of winter. Also, keep in mind that to save on cost make sure to regularly check and change your filters. When you do your furnace check you’re going to want to get your air conditioner ready to hibernate for the winter. This consists of giving it a good clean from the summer months and try to locate that cover it came with.

  1. Organize

If you haven’t had the time to get organized this summer with the kids out of school then do so when they go back. You’ll want to make sure that you have all your fall and winter stuff out for when it turns cold. This doesn’t just mean clothes that need to come out but all your fall and winter tools in the garage too. Waiting till you have a foot of snow on the ground isn’t all the best time to look for the shovel that is M.I.A. There are also other tools that you’ll need if you’re going to do bulb planting this fall before the ground freezes.

There is plenty of other things that can be done and should be done before the fall comes, these are only a few. Take a weekend or day by yourself to make sure you get the needed things done. The forethought and preparation will help the whole family when the cold hits. The kids will be thankful that you had their gloves ready to go for them when they leave for school in the morning on that first cold day of the season. Handler Homes understands the time and money that goes into keeping up with a family and maintaining a home. Check out our available homes today.

By Handler Homes 8-9-2017