Spring Lawn Care for Your Home

Handler Homes has stunning homes with beautiful lawns. They can get hard to maintain over the years though. Lawn maintenance is important when it comes to curbside appeal and your HOA. Have you ever gotten a letter in the mail that says that you must replace the sod in your front yard? It comes as an unexpected expense that you end up trying to figure out where the money is going to come from. However, this can all be avoided with a little planning and a lot less money. We want your yard to look stunning this year. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to make sure that your yard will look amazing without breaking the bank.

If you’re going to maintain your yard throughout the year it’s important that you have your tools in order and working at optimal level. The first tool that you want to have up in working order is your lawn mower. If you’ve never tuned up your lawn mower it might be a good idea to replace a few items like the oil, spark plugs, and the air filter. This will help it to run smooth. If you didn’t give it a good clean before you stored it in the fall then you’ll want to make sure you do this before you start using it for the season. When you clean it, it might be advantageous to just go ahead and take the blade off. That way it’s easier to clean and you can sharpen the blade while it’s off. This should get it off to a good running start. Give it a pull and listen to how it sounds. Don’t just wheel it onto the lawn yet though.

The next thing to do is give your lawn a walk through. Take note of the spots that are starting to bald in your yard. Once you find the main spots that are starting to bald you’ll want to make sure you go out and get a couple of items to fix this problem before you get a letter. First thing in order, get yourself some good seed. There is a lot of good seed out there. You’ll want to make sure that you do some research on what the best kind is. Some come with fertilizer in the mix while others don’t. Along with getting the right seed you want to make sure that you take care to guard it if you have a lot of bunnies or squirrels in the area. You want to do this while it’s still cool out, which would be early spring. Then keep on it with watering till it’s at the appropriate height.

Once you’ve got those areas under control you’ll need to tend to the rest of the lawn. There are some important factors to consider when treating your lawn. You’ll want to make sure that your grass has turned fully green. When you see that most of your grass is green you’ll want to mow it. You’ll want to cut it shorter the first time and bag it because you will have more grass than your lawn mower can handle. This can be a long and strenuous, but it is well worth the effort. Once you’ve got it cut you’re going to want to fertilize it with a specific fertilizer that causes your grass to grow upwards. In the fall you should have put a fertilizer on it that caused its roots to grow. Fertilizer is tricky though so make sure you don’t put too much or too little.

Once you’ve got this down you should be set to go for the summer. Make sure to change the height back from the first you mow though. You don’t want to cut it that short again. If you forget, you’ll soon realize it when your mower stops from the amount of grass its trying to cut. Handler Homes know just how to keep your yard looking amazing. Take a look at the homes we have available today! You’ll see that our yards always look green and lush.

By Handler Homes 3-27-2018