Why Buy a New Home?

Handler Homes understands that buying a new home can be a costly endeavor. Because of this, as well as our confidence that you will fall in love with our homes, we provide a 10-year limited warranty so you can be assured that your home will last for many years to come. We want to do all we can to make your new home just right for you!

When searching for the next place you want to live, it can be hard to decide. One of the first decisions you have to make is what kind of house you will buy; will it be new or from a previous owner? There are many advantages to buying a new home. Because the home is new you don’t have to put extra money or work into it. Not to mention you get to pick the exact style and lot you want.

It's New
Well, how else can it be said other than new is new and old is old. When you buy a new home it is already up-to-date with styles, features, and conveniences that you would otherwise have to do yourself if you bought a pre-owned home. Many of the standards for homes have changed over the years. So when you buy a new home you aren’t fighting with a higher electrical bill and unsafe electrical systems that you find more often than not in previously owned homes. When you buy a new home there is no need to update outdated appliances that can be energy drainers. In addition to not having to fight higher bills, you also don’t have to fight with the previous owner's decorating style. New homes come with a blank canvas for you to make it what you want.

Exact Style You Want
When you go to stores you see things and know exactly what your style is. The same is true with a home. A previously owned home was built for the person who owned it before you, not you. With a new home, you get to pick your style when it comes to the home building, the inside layout, and the landscaping. A new home means you get to pick the features you want so that it fits you exactly. There are many themes that you get to pick for a new home as well such as modern, country, or colonial. You can enhance your passions by making rooms exactly the way you want them. Such as that kitchen, workout room, or an arts and crafts room you always wanted. The home is built specifically for you and your family in mind.

Handler Homes
When you buy a home from Handler Homes, you not only get a new home but you start to work with a company that has distinguished itself with innovative home designs that provide stylish living spaces for contemporary lifestyles. You get a home to call yours that is energy-efficient, has a modern gourmet kitchen, lavish owner’s suites, and of course many personal touches you’ve chosen for your personalized home. Handler Homes has also become synonymous with some of the most popular and prestigious communities in Northern Delaware, so your home will be a home you will be proud of! A Handler Home is not just a new house, it’s a new home built for you, with you.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep one eye in close view and the other eye on the bigger picture of things. It is very important to do so because you don’t want to make a decision that isn’t what you want down the road. If one wants to save money in the long run and not just in the moment, it’s important to see the bigger picture of buying a previously owned home. People who buy preowned homes end up spending more in the long haul because of so many maintenance issues they have to take care of. So a new home actually ends up costing less. Don’t forget too that with a new home everything is up-to-date and comes just the way you want it. So don’t miss out on the great deal of buying a new home.

By Handler Homes 4-13-2021