Decorating with High Ceilings

Many new homes that are built have at least a couple of rooms with high ceilings. This feature in homes is very beautiful but can sometimes be hard to decorate or to make it feel more intimate. With a few tricks though it is possible to have a cute intimate home even with high ceilings. By using the height, creating intimacy, and scaling up, you can easily make a room feel exactly the way you want it to without having to fear the height. We make sure that height is on your side and that you’re not fighting against it.

If you have high ceilings but standard doors and windows it’s better to create a bit more height then to leave them at the standard level. To do this for windows you can place the curtain bar higher than the what the windows are at. This will create the illusion that it’s not as tall as it seems. For doors, you can create a shelf that goes above it and decorate it by putting pottery or pictures up there. This will help in evening out the scale in the room. Another factor that will do that is by placing a larger size picture on your wall over a piece of furniture.

The next step is to create a bit of intimacy. This can be easily done by making sure that people’s eyes don’t wander up. Creating or buying a beautiful light for the room is essential. By taking that light and hanging it on the ceiling you can choose to make it as high or low as you want it. Having it come down low to a standard ceiling room will help it feel cozier because people want to gaze up at the high ceilings. Doing this will also help people not to feel the room as being so big and spacey.

Over size pieces in the room will help size the room down. Your local craft store will have a ton of cute, cheap over sized pieces to put in your home. They can be anything you want them to be. Most people have a lot of things on their walls so thinking big in this regard is good. Also think of big when it comes to lamps, decoration and other things that you are thinking about putting in that room. You don’t want to go overboard but you certainly want some sizing to help the high ceilings.

These three ways will help your home feel cozier even if you have high ceilings. Work with them and not against them. Intimate settings and that close family feel is possible. Just plan right and then decorate. Your home will look great and your family will love being there. Hander Homes has beautiful homes and wants to help you decorate them in a way you love. Check out our quick move-in homes and find your dream home.

By Handler Homes 6-20-2017