How to Keep Heat from Escaping Your Home

Delaware is pleasant all year-round, but we still get our four seasons! In order to prepare your home for the colder months ahead, Handler Homes wants to share a few ways that you can better insulate your home so you can keep utility bills low and comfort levels high.


Heat rises. And sometimes it keeps rising and rising right out through your ceiling. If your ceiling is not properly insulated, you will feel it on really cold days. If you suspect that your roof is lacking insulation, you can test your theory by taking a look at your roof on a frosty day. If there are patches that do not have frost because it has melted, that is a good indicator that your ceiling needs added insulation.


A lot of older homes just skipped putting insulation underneath the flooring. If you hate how frigid your floors can be, there are a few steps you can take. A more permanent solution could be to install heated flooring. Another option is carpeting. Carpeting is an excellent insulator. You can either opt for wall-to-wall carpet or a few carefully placed cozy rugs.

Windows and Doors

You probably know that windows and doors can be big areas where heat can escape. You can go through your home and take stock of doors and windows that are drafty and in need of attention. Once you have located the source of the draftiness, you can seal them properly by replacing the caulking and adding new weather stripping.

A home is a place you should feel comfortable in all year round. Not to mention that you should not be burdened down by utility bills. Giving attention to these common heat losing areas of your home can go a long way in achieving both of those things.

By Handler Homes 10-25-2021