Winter Floor Care in the Home

Winter is certainly here. That means the weather turns from rain to snow, and leads to mud and slush on the ground. At Handler Homes we build with quality materials and we want you to keep your new home looking just as beautiful as the day you moved in. Winter poses some challenges with the weather though. So how can you protect you floors this winter? With a few tricks such as added accessories to your home, properly training your pet, conscientious people, and a good floor cleaner you can maintain your beautiful new floors.

Add some essential accessories to your home such as outside mats and indoor mats. The slush and mud will stick to boots but if you have a mat outside to wipe off the mud and a mat inside to take care of any extra moister you will keep your floors nice and clean. Be sure to clean the mats regularly though otherwise they won’t help as intended. It’s important to keep up with such maintenance.

Many families today have pets. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but with repetition and consistency you certainly can. When you let your dog outside to go to the bathroom before you let him roam around the house again get in the habit of having him sit still while you wipe down his paws. This way your fuzzy little buddy won’t be tracking in water and mud. It will also help to keep you floors in good condition.

Many people have the habit of taking off their shoes when walking into a home. Doing so keeps the outside from being tracked around inside. It’s important to note that not everyone has this habit. So if you’d like ensure this is done put a little sign on the front of the outside door or right in the entry way so that people know. If you don’t like taking your shoes off in your home then just be sure to keep a towel by the entry door to clean as you go.

There are many types of flooring. The most common are carpet, wood, and tile. For each type of flooring there is a different method to cleaning it. Of course first pick the type of cleaner you want to use and follow the instructions on it. Each will be different. In general though carpet is cleaned when wet. Vacuuming it once a week in the most common walking places will help in the long term preservation of it. Wood floors can be scratched and become dulled when not cleaned regularly. What is brought into the home by means of shoes can leave a sandpaper layer on it that damages the wood when not taken care of. For tile floors it’s important to keep up with cleaning especially in the grout lines. The longer the mud sits on it in the harder it is to clean the grout. Over time too, the sealer can get worn down from the salt that is brought in from melting ice. So be sure to sealer every couple of years. Regular cleaning in all these areas will help to preserve the life of your Handler Home flooring.

By following a few small tricks this winter your flooring will keep its beauty throughout the winter and many years to come. Be sure to keep up with it throughout the winter. Remember that by keeping mats at the doors, training your pets, making sure no shoes walk in the house, and regularly cleaning your floor will go a long way in extending its life and beauty.

By Handler Homes 12-23-2016