Creating the Perfect Patio Space

With warmer weather on the way, its time to pull out your patio cushions and get your oasis up and running. There are several different items that you will to need consider when you decide to go through with getting your perfect backyard oasis ready. Many families have happy memories of time spent enjoying the patio on a warmer summer night. Handler Homes have not only built homes that people have loved and will love for years to come, but our goal is to create a place for the family to retreat to after a long hard day. We want to help homeowners make the most of their outdoor retreat and create the perfect space that they can call their own.

One of the most essential factors to a homey patio is an outdoor rug. There just seems to be something about it that makes you want to slip off your shoes, recline and enjoy the beautiful day. Take note that not just any rug will do. It needs to specify that it is intended for outdoor use. This is important because indoor rugs are not designed with the same mold and mildew resistant materials. Outdoors rugs are typically more rugged (pun intended), allowing them to last a lengthy amount of time. Plus, no one wants their child or pets playing on a cushioned mat of mold.

A key feature to any backyard patio oasis is furniture. As with any type of furniture, you will want to pick something that you like the look of. But also make sure that you pick something that is comfortable. If you are going to go out there for a couple of hours, then you are going to want something that is comfortable to recline on and will not give you or your guests sore backs. All too often, homeowners will buy something that is comfortable to sit on just until dinner is done, and then they want to move somewhere else. If you’re planning on having extended gatherings or playing games with the family out there, then do not compromise on comfort.

Decorate your backyard oasis! What makes it an oasis is that it is set up and decorated to perfection based on what you want. Envision what you want and then go for it. Plant a garden; hang some flower pots; beautify your space! The only limits that you have is your imagination. Money does not always have to be an issue, because there is almost always a good bargain to found. And what some people are trying to get rid of that just may be perfect for you.

Handler Homes takes pride in the houses that we build because we know that they can only be made a home when there is life and laughter in them. If you’re looking for a home for your family, then be sure to come and take a look at the ones we have available. Call us today or fill out an online request form.

By Handler Homes 5-22-2019