Create the Perfect Patio this Summer

Winter can bring about storms that we weren't expecting. This can be frightening if we aren't prepared for such an event to occur. With so many storms that have been hitting other parts of the States there is nothing to say that a winter storm can't come. With that in mind it's important that you and your family are ready if this were to happen. Handler Homes wants to make sure that you are ready for whatever winter may bring this year. Here is a list of some of the iteams that you'll need. In no way is this a complete list. We are getting our information from It goes onto list three things to think about: your family, your pets, and your home.


Your family's safety is the most important thing. The best way to ensure that your family is safe is by talking about it before it happens. In addition to this, you want to be prepared no matter where you are when it hits. This means that your car should be ready as well. Among this is keeping your car's gas tank full, emergancy kit, and a vehicle that has been winterized. This will reduce your chances of getting stuck in a storm but if you are then you'll be prepared for it.


Make sure to bring pets indoors during times like this. Do so even if you have an outdoor dog. Be prepared to be at home for a number of days if snow piles up in a way that makes you unable to get out. If this is the case then you'll need a plan if you have a dog because he will need a place to go to the restroom. Ensure that you have extra supplies of largee plasting bags, paper towels and kitty litter.


Your home is going to give you the most protection if such an event were to take place but with anything that you own its important to know to protect it. Freezing pipes is one of the biggest concerns with winter. Make sure to learn how to protect your pipes. Additionally, go through and ensure that your home is insulated sufficantly. This also includes seeing to it that your home has the need hardware to it that it keeps cold air out around doors and windows.

There are many more things that must be considered when a winter storm warning comes about. Be sure that your family is prepared and ready if an event were to happen. Handler Homes has been helping people since 1975. We work very hard to help families in the best way that we can. The biggest way is by building homes that we know will withstand a winter storm. Take a look at the homes we have available today!

By Handler Homes 5-30-2017

Summer Is Almost Here

It’s starting to be that time of year again where the kids are almost out of school and pools will soon be full. Needless to say, summer is just about here! So, what does that mean for you? Well, the house needs to be in shape for some summer fun. We have provided some great summer home décor ideas to get your home ready for the season that will soon be here.

Add some color! Winter is cold and dark and a good time to snuggle up with a blanket next to the fire but now that summer is here there is bright sunlight shining through our windows. As you start opening your windows to let fresh air in, think about what color you want to make pop in each room of the house. This will make your home lively and give it that little something that summer calls for. This doesn’t have to be something expensive just a little bit of flowers here and a color matching pillow there. It will bring it together to form a beautiful pop in your home!

Everyone loves the summer sun and being outdoors so this year set up a picnic table. This way you and your family can enjoy summer fun together in the great outdoors as the sun is setting or for a good fresh lunch. Place the table in your backyard around your garden to have the beautiful flowers surround you. Find the perfect table cover and some plates that pop to set it all up for a cute getaway for your family time.

Make a fire pit to sit around and gaze at the stars! This a relatively simple and easy to do. Pick where in your backyard would be the best place to put it. Then figure how big you want the area surrounding the fire pit to be and if you’d like grass, sand, or rock around it. Once you decide where you would like the project you can then begin construction. Most people have grass in their backyards and so it’s easiest to keep what is already there. This will bring down the work and cost of the project. So, if you decide to keep the grass, all that must be done is to cut out a hole from the ground of where you want your pit. Make sure to dig it a little bigger than you want so that the heat doesn’t kill the surrounding grass. Then get some stones and build your pit.

These are a few ideas that will help make summer fun and enjoyable. Get creative this summer and increase the time spent together with your family by embarking on these projects. Your whole family will love and enjoy them throughout the summer. So, bring a pop of color to your home, get a picnic table your backyard, and build a pit to star gaze with the family. Here at Handler Homes, we want you to love the inside and outside or your home.

By Handler Homes 5-9-2017