Ways to Declutter Your Home

When you’re raising kids and have a family, it seems harder than ever to keep the house clean with so many living in it. Organization is one key way you can help to keep a home clean. Especially when you can get everyone board. Here are a few ways to organize some of the messier parts of the room and bring a bit of peace and relaxation to the home.


The kitchen is a high traffic area in the home. There is usually much more happening here than just serving up hot meals. Aside from being a place to prepare lunches for school, many children use the kitchen table for doing homework. Additionally, many families keep a computer in the kitchen area, which can create added clutter. Then, a family member comes in with all the mail and drops it off right in the middle of the counter. With so much that can be going on in the kitchen, it can just seem to be in a constant state of messiness. So, what can be done?

Organize, organize, organize! This doesn’t have to be extensive. It can simply mean moving around a couple of items in the kitchen and setting up some rules that will help to maintain organization. For example, you can make stations so that everything is neatly put together. It doesn’t make sense to have the coffee over here and the cups over there, not to mention that the sugar is in the pantry. So, in order to make the mess and the clean up a little easier, you can make a station for tea and coffee. One for sandwiches and the like. You can also set up a little mail holder to keep your mail from taking over your counter space. In like manner, you can also opt to have a designated spot for computer and studying supplies.


Living in the digital age, there seems to be cords everywhere and they have never looked very pretty, no matter what color they are. However, the different colors can serve a good purpose when creating a central charging station. This way everyone knows which cords are theirs, if need be. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. It can be a simple box that is just $2 at a craft store. You can start by simply placing a power strip inside, then start plugging the charging ports in. After you know how many you want in there you can simply cut a small opening for each cord and then feed it through.


Clutter in the home often can hinder your peace and relaxation. For instance, when we have piles of clothes on the bed and a messy night stand beside it, you cannot simply jump into bed after a long day. In addition, in a family home it seems like there are always dirty clothes and scattered shoes to be found. There is nothing that says peace and relaxation about that atmosphere. The best way to attain such a goal in your room is be tidying it up and organizing it in a way that helps it to stay clean for longer, resulting in peace and relaxation for you.

Your home is the place you come to at the end of the day and call your own. It is a safe haven for the family. It always feels better to come home to a clean house. Organizing your home will aid you in keeping your home clean the way you want it. With the help from everyone in the family and little organization, it is possible. Handler Homes knows the needs of a home and has built their homes with tons of storage and organization with a family in mind. Check out the homes we have available today!

By Handler Homes 1-30-2018