Home Buyer Program with 100 Percent Financing

Handler Homes has always gone above and beyond to provide housing that is affordable for first time home buyers. This is reflected in the types of homes we build, all the while not compromising on the standard of quality. Part of this is the location where we have chosen to build our communities. Our homes qualify for the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program! What does this really mean though?

We want to help you understand the details of what is involved. This program is to help those who have a low income get quality housing in rural areas. Handler Homes is currently building communities that are in such eligible areas. Although our communities and homes qualify for such a program, that is not why we have built in these areas - we wanted the perfect location for Handler Homeowners. Our communities are just far enough away to enjoy beautiful nature but close enough to town that you can go out and have a good time with friends and easy access to Delaware's tax-free shopping. With our homes and Communities just a short commute to town, you have the best of both worlds. Take a look to see if you qualify for this fantastic program!

What does it mean if you qualify? The wording on government websites can be hard to understand so here is the breakdown of how it works. Those who qualify for this program first go to an approved third-party lender. This is one of the ways that a guarantee loan differs from a direct loan that is issued by the United States Department of Agriculture. The USDA then backs up each loan that is approved in the event that there is a failure to fulfill the obligation of the loan. This allows for the third-party lender to set fewer requirements and income standards on the borrower.

In short those who qualify are getting a great deal to be able to live in a wonderful home in the beauty of the countryside. Handler Homes is proud to build in such eligible areas to help families grow in a safe, secure, wonderful communities without causing them to break the bank. Take a look at all of our USDA eligible communities, talk to one of our preferred lenders and see if you qualify today for this program today!

By Handler Homes 6-26-2018