Best Summer Activities in Delaware

With summer in full force you might be wondering what fun things there are to do as a date night or even with the kiddos. Handler Homes understands the need to get out and have some fun. While we build new homes, we get that all the fun won’t always be in the home. This means that there needs to be some planned activities for you and the family to break up the long summer. Delaware has some amazing activities that you and your family will love and want to do again and again.

One of the top-notch activities that you and your family will love is called Go Ape! because of how interactive it is. This provides you and the kiddos with 2-3 hours of pure joy and fun. With activities such as zip lining, obstacle courses, and swinging on ropes it guarantees that your family will have a great time. But fair warning, it is all about being high up so if you’re afraid of heights then you’ll be able to conquer your fears. They are all about trying to help people get over your fears. So, treat and your family to a fun afternoon swinging from tree to tree.

Another perfect getaway from the home is the beach. Delaware Seashore State Park offers beautiful beaches for you to throw out your towel on and take in the glorious day. Let the kids get into the sea and get them to wear out their energy. Make sure you pack plenty of snacks and sunscreen. Sandwiches and chips tend to be the perfect lunch or snack. Getting a couple of boogie boards, shovels, and a bucket can make for hours of fun. This true even when you have older kids.

What if you’re wanting a bit of both worlds though? Funland can give you a great time with rides and activities for all ages right alongside the beach. That way you don’t have to choose between chilling and going out and having a blast with fun things to do. Just be sure that you have mentally prepared yourself for a long day with fun weaved through relaxation.

Handler Homes loves to give families the perfect place to call home. That is why we build quality new homes in such a prime location. We aren’t only thinking about home life but also all aspects of life. If you’re looking at buying a home then take a look at the homes we have available!

By Handler Homes 6-28-2019