How to Start a Family Tradition

Family traditions are the moments where regardless of what is going on or who is there, these are the moments that bring families together, helping them to grow together in love. What are some good family traditions to start though? What are the ones that will help you to smile throughout the years and even keep you smiling after the kids are grown and gone? Handler Homes is family owned and operated since 1975 so we understand the meaning and depth of what a family tradition is all about. Here are some fun family traditions to start up!

  1. Family Night

Family night is a great family tradition to start up. This helps a family grow in love for each other and close together. Family night can be anything that you want it to be. Family night can be a family tradition where one evening everyone gathers but with no phones or tablets to distract. Dinner can be picked by the kids and they can help make it too. In addition to this, the kids can rotate picking the board game for that night. Parents may be inclined to do a movie night but that is less than advised because of the lack of interaction. As the kiddos grow up you’ll be a strong family founded in love, a family that has strong bonds and connections with each other.

  1. Camping

Quality time with the family is the most important thing in building your family’s bond with each other. Many times, camping means that you have to pack everything up, drive all the way to the campsite, and then put everything together to sleep in outdoors. Why make all the effort with the family when you can make a family tradition of camping outside. Pitching a tent and getting the blankets out with all the flashlights to stay up late telling stories and laughing is a great way to bond with the family. This can be done in the warmer seasons. What about the winter though? Winter is a great time to camp inside the house. Getting the same blankets out and making a tent out of them across the couches is always a favorite with the kids.

  1. Family Walks

A family is important and family time doesn’t have to be too long but it does need to be consistent. A family walk is a perfect activity for you and your family to talk and have fun with each other. They don’t have to be long but making them consistent on a certain night or morning in the week makes for a great start or end to the day. Talking, laughing, and smiling is the best way to start and end the day. Make that your family tradition.

Love and bonding time is the root of any family. To hold it together isn’t just from being there but by interacting and talking with each other. In the small everyday moments and the fun planned ones, is where strong familial connections are formed. Handler Homes has been forming strong family bonds for a long time now. We continue to grow our family with every person who buys a home with us. We don’t treat our customers like customers we treat them like family. Come see our homes and join our family today!

By Handler Homes 10-10-2017