How to Pack Dishes for Moving

If you are preparing to move houses, packing up your belongings can be a daunting, yet necessary task. This is especially true in regards to packing delicate items. Your dishware certainly falls into this category. Not only can many dishware pieces be delicate, but they also tend to be funky shapes too. Making them even more tricky to pack efficiently. Not to worry, though. The Handler team wants to share a few tried and true tips that will make packing up your dishes as easy as can be.

Gather the Necessary Supplies

Before you begin packing, gather the necessary supplies such as sturdy cardboard boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, and markers for labeling. Think of this as a packing mise en place of sorts.

Create a Packing Station

Once you have your supplies gathered, it can be helpful to designate a clean and spacious area as your packing station. This will help you stay organized and provide ample space for packing and wrapping dishes.

Separate and Sort

Start by sorting your dishes into categories such as plates, bowls, cups, and delicate items. Separating them will make it easier to pack them efficiently.

Use Padding

Now you can start by prepping each of your packing boxes. Place a layer of crumpled packing paper or bubble wrap at the bottom of each box to provide cushioning. This helps protect the dishes during transit.

Wrap Individually

Next, you can move onto actually prepping the dishes themselves for a safe travel. Wrap each dish individually with packing paper or bubble wrap. Start by placing the dish in the center of a sheet of paper or wrap, fold the corners over, and secure with tape. For delicate items, wrap them in an additional layer of bubble wrap for added protection.

Stack Carefully

When placing dishes in the box, stack them vertically rather than flat. This helps prevent them from sliding and reduces the risk of breakage. Place larger and heavier items at the bottom and lighter items on top.

Fill Empty Spaces

Fill any gaps in the box with crumpled packing paper or bubble wrap to ensure a snug fit. This prevents the dishes from shifting during transportation. The ultimate goal is to prevent shifting or moving as much as possible.

Consider Dish Barrel Boxes

If you have an extensive collection of delicate or valuable dishes, consider investing in dish barrel boxes. These are specifically designed with double walls and extra padding to provide maximum protection during the move.

And there you have it! A few specific ways to optimize packing dishes. By following these tips, you can ensure that your dishes are packed securely and safely for your move.

By Handler Homes 5-25-2023