Pet Safe House Plants

Winter is upon us, but that does not mean you cannot bring a little sunshine in. Especially when so many days are spent inside, it can be nice to bring nature indoors. If concern for your four-legged friends keeps you from the idea of houseplants, worry no longer! Handler Homes does not want you to miss out. So, here are some beautiful houseplant options that will not harm your fur babies.


You may see a stunning fern and be instantly drawn to it. And your cat or dog may too. Ferns have fronds which may resemble toys to your pet. But have no fear, even if they take a little nibble they will not be harmed.

Some fern options include, Boston ferns for classic southern charm, bird’s nest ferns for eye catching texture, and staghorn ferns which can be a real statement to your walls when mounted. Ferns do well in medium to low light and do prefer regular drinks. When the top layer of soil is dry, give them a splash.


Peperomia is extremely forgiving. So, even if you have been accused of being neglectful in the past, peperomia can handle it. And if you have not yet experienced the magic that is propagation, peperomia is a great plant to introduce you to it. You can start new plants by simply snipping off a leaf and placing it in soil. Not to mention that this genus comes in hundreds of varieties and cultivars, so you know you will find one that you love and that loves you back.


Calathea and its close kin, the maranta, are true stunners. Regularly seen dawning pin stripes and polka dots, these plants are oh, so stylish. With deep purple and seemingly fake pink accent colors, they are also a great way to add in a pop of color. These bad boys do well in lower light situations and do appreciate being kept moist but not soaking wet.

Fun fact: Maranta and calathea are often nick named the prayer plant. This is because their leaves adjust to the light in the room. So, you can watch them dance as they fold up at night and open in the day.

There are, of course, more pet friendly house plants out there, but these three species will surely get you started on what is no doubt going to be a love story. And when your dog or cat decide to fashion themselves a snack out of your plants, you can rest easy knowing you are not going to incur any costly vet bills.

By Handler Homes 1-16-2020