Want More Birds In Your Yard? Try These Tips!

If you love spending time outdoors, Delaware is the place to do it. There’s so much to enjoy in our beautiful state! But as the temperatures continue to drop, most of us want to stay inside where it is cozy and warm instead. If you still crave nature even from the comfort of your own home, bird watching is a great way to get the best of both worlds! If you want to invite more cardinals, goldfinches, and robins to your backyard this Winter, try these suggestions.

Give Them a Nesting Place

Especially during the Winter, birds need places to nest and gain shelter from the elements. Bushes, shrubs, and birdhouses can make your yard more enticing to winged visitors. You can also just leave nesting materials out in your yard for them to use in making their own nests. Twigs, twine, leaves, these are all valuable materials for birds.

Give Them a Drink

In addition to shelter, birds also need water sources, and these can be harder to find during the Winter. Give them a reason to visit your yard by giving them a reliable water source. Moving water is especially attractive to birds. Little fountains can be great for this. Moving water will also make sure that their water source does not freeze over on especially cold days.

Give Them Something to Eat

Birds love to feast on flowers but those are not really around during the colder months and other food sources may be few and far between. Make visiting your yard worth it by setting out a few bird feeders. Be mindful that different birds enjoy different types of food. So, if you want a variety of visitors, stock your yard with a couple different food options. And if you do not want squirrels dining in your yard, make sure to opt for feeders that specifically aim to keep them out. Although squirrels can be quite entertaining to watch, so you may not mind them coming around.

In conclusion, if you give birds something to eat, something to drink, and somewhere to stay, you will certainly get to enjoy their company all Winter long.

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By Handler Homes 11-29-2022