How to Make Your Backyard More Inviting to Wildlife

Now more than ever, it is important to be grateful for what is in our own backyards. If you have been spending more time at home and need something that brings you a little joy, or you just want to make an effort to appreciate the little things, observing the local fauna in your own backyard is a great place to start. But how do you draw local wildlife to your backyard to visit? Handler Homes is here to tell you how.

Nix the Pesticides

If you have not noticed any aphids or other garden draining insects around, you may feel a little victorious. As annoying as those pests can be, though, the pesticides you are using could be discouraging delightful and beneficial insects from coming around. Bees are powerful and beneficial pollinators that you want to come into your garden. And who does not love a peaceful night sky that is lit up with a speckling of fireflies? Make your yard safe for these types of insects by using a natural insect repellent in your garden, like neem oil, instead of a harsh chemical pesticide.

Plant a Butterfly Buffet

If you really want your space to be inviting to colorful butterflies, try setting out some tasty treats for them. Coneflower, verbena, and the aptly named butterfly bush or buddleia are excellent nectar rich choices that are sure to make your backyard popular. In addition to food sources, butterflies also need specific areas to lay their eggs. You may already have this covered if you currently have your own herb garden, but if you need some suggestions, dill, fennel, and parsley will all provide safe places for baby butterflies to grow.

Set Out a Bat House

As was touched on earlier, not all insects are welcome. Mosquitos can discourage you from enjoying your outdoor space. But did you know that a single brown bat can munch on around 1,000 mosquitos and other pests a night? Bats get a bad rap, but they are just as shy of you as you are of them. Why not jumpstart what is surely going to be a beneficial relationship by installing a bat house?

Encourage Nesting

You can encourage a variety of birds to visit you by offering them nesting materials. For example, have a designated pile in an inconspicuous place where you can leave bits of grass cuttings, string, and even dryer lint. Soon you will see your gifts put to good use.

Keep Your Cat In

The common house cat is responsible for billions of bird deaths every year in the United States alone. Since cats cannot resist hunting, keep your birds safe by keeping your cat inside. If your ​ cat just genuinely enjoys going outdoors, consider creating an outdoor catio for them and dress them in a brightly colored bell collar to warn birds before they get near.

When you buy a Handler Home, you are investing in beautiful mornings and evenings spent in artfully crafted patios and yards where you can peacefully take in all that Delaware has to offer. Take a look at our available homes today to get started on your journey to happily ever after.

By Handler Homes 6-11-2020