How to Survive a Snow Day with the Kids

With winter almost here, it’s important to have an emergency plan in place for when you get that call from the school that it is an official snow day. Parents are always expecting that call as they watch the snow start to accumulate late the night before. They think about what they will do with the kiddos all day not being able to get around town. These days don’t have to be dreaded by patrons but in fact you can make them the most memorable of your kid’s year. Here are some of the best ideas we have put together for you to make snow days the best day that your kids remember.

1. Bake Off!

You’re going to want to make sure that you’ve always got the right ingredients at home for these snow days. Start the morning off by letting the kids sleep in and then once they have gotten up and have eaten breakfast, cookies are in check. On snow days it’s never too early to eat chocolate chip cookies. Let the kids make the cookies with sprinkles and the like. Then at the end you can all try them and see which you like best. This is always a childhood favorite.

2. Get Out!

Snow days are days that are supposed to be spent outside. Building snowmen, attempted tunnels from snow drifts, snow ball fights and sledding are the highlights of snow days. Getting outside isn’t just for the kids. Your kids will never forget that time you came out to play with them, going down the local neighborhood hill or having a snowball fight. These make for some of the best memories as a family. This family fun always makes everyone tired, so when the outside fun is all said and done, coming in to a nice cup of hot chocolate is a must.

3. Imagine!

After you’ve settled down from playing outside, imagination as the day turns dark creates laughter and fun. Building forts in the living room with all the blankets that are in the house are always the best part of the day. Getting a flashlight out to share scary stories in the evening or watch a movie underneath them makes for smiles that go from ear to ear. The kids will remember these times as the years go on. Creating happy memories and a day full of fun as snow days should be.

Winter can bring unpredictable weather but when that weather comes along don’t let it get you down! Snow days can be some of the best days of the year and memories that your kids will cherish as the years go on. By making sure to keep some essential ingredients to make cookies, getting outside to play in the snow, and making forts in your living room are just some of the joys that can be had on these blissful days. Handler Homes knows what the perfect yard looks like for snowmen and snowball fight. They know what the perfect kitchen would be to make cookies in and the best living room space to make awesome forts. We know the kind of house that is needed to make this possible. See our homes today!

By Handler Homes 11-15-2017