Items that Your Garbage Disposal Cannot Handle

Handler Homes builds homes with all the modern conveniences that make daily living comfortable. One of those conveniences is a garbage disposal. And while your garbage disposal is tough and meant to handle a wide variety of things, there are a few kitchen items that it is simply not equipped to process. So today we are going to go through what those things are so that you can keep your disposal in tip top shape for years to come.


Not throwing grease down the drain is something that many people already know not to do, but if you were previously unaware of this now is a good time to stop. The reason that grease is so bad for your pipes is because once it becomes solidified, it turns into a soft solid instead of a liquid and this will clog your drainpipes. Many people keep an old jar or can around for the purpose of throwing grease out. Simply pour the grease into the container and then once it has cooled, you can easily throw it away without creating a mess.

Coffee Grounds

Before contacting water, coffee grounds are a seemingly innocent kitchen item. But as you have most likely noticed while throwing away coffee from used coffee filters, once the grounds mix with water, they become a sort of sludge. This sludge has difficulty passing through your drainpipes as well, causing clogs. Therefore, it is better to either throw your coffee grounds in the trash or use them in your compost.

Fruit Pits

There is a collection of fruits that are referred to as stone fruits, and for good reason! Fruits like avocados and peaches all have an extremely large, hard seed in the middle. These seeds do not really soften with exposure to water or anything else, so odds are if you throw them down the drain for your garbage disposal to handle, they will probably end up just damaging the blades. Or at the very least they will just clink around down there until you remove them.

And there you have it! When you avoid ditching these kitchens by products down the drain you will be able to care for and maintain your garbage disposal for as long as possible.

By Handler Homes 2-22-2021