Items to Never Keep in the Attic

At Handler Homes, we aim to create homes that you want to live in for years to come. But as the years go by, items tend to pile up. You put a few things in the back of the closet, a few under the bed, and a few in the attic. Storage is an important part of any home. But when it comes to storing things in your attic, there are a few items that you may want to think twice about. Let us discuss what those are.

Wood Furniture

Because heat is drawn to the attic due to its location and because it is not the most well- ventilated area in the home, humidity is much higher there. While this is not a huge problem for many household items, for others it can be extremely damaging. For instance, prolonged exposure to moisture and wood are two things that do not mix. Natural wood can easily warp in these conditions. For this reason, if you have any beautiful wooden furniture pieces that you are not using now, storing them in the garage may be a better option.


Another common time that falls prey to attic conditions are important documents. Birth certificates, pay stubs, and more are all things that you do not need access to daily. So, it makes sense that you want to store them in a place where they do not get in the way. The problem with storing them in the attic, however, is that the drastic temperature changes and the humidity can cause papers to warp, wrinkle, or fade. In addition, the attic is a popular first stop for unwelcome guests like rodents. If living in your attic undetected, they can easily take a bite out of these important documents as well.

Natural Fabrics

Quilts, clothes, and curtains that are not currently in use are often stored in the attic as well. Aside from possible rodents that may find their way to your attic, bugs like moths can too. And one thing moths love to nibble on are natural fabrics like cotton and wool. To protect these items from moths, keeping them in a bin in a closet or garage may be for the best.

For the most part, an attic is an excellent place to store things. Just keep these few things elsewhere and you should not have to worry about them. If you are looking for inspiration or education on all things regarding the home, be sure to browse our other blogs for news and information!

By Handler Homes 1-21-2021