Create a Calm Space with These Colors

At Handler Homes, we prioritize creating sanctuaries for families within our homes. Recognizing that the world outside can often be chaotic, we believe your home should serve as the antithesis—a haven of calm and tranquility. To achieve this serene atmosphere, consider incorporating the following colors that have been proven to contribute to a more peaceful space.

Pure White

It's no surprise that white, in its various shades, can impart a sense of peace and calm to a room. Whether using soft linens or soothing creams, any shade of white can create a tranquil ambiance. To avoid a clinical feel, introduce visual texture and different textiles, such as a crochet blanket or a macramé art piece. These additions can maintain the color scheme without creating visual clutter.

Soothing Blue

Blue is inherently associated with calming settings like summer breezes, blue skies, and the ocean. Infuse this calming energy into your home with delicate shades of blue, steering clear of deeper and stronger hues that may be more energizing than relaxing. Pair pale blues with white accents for a spa-like ambiance that exudes tranquility.

Soft Pink

While pink can be bright and vivacious, opting for pale pinks contributes to soothing surroundings. Combining pastel pinks with warm wood furniture and accents creates a romantic coastal vibe. Alternatively, pairing soft pink with bold black achieves a balance between feminine and masculine, offering a satisfying ambiance for your space.

Relaxing Green

Green hues evoke images of relaxing scenes, from sitting in the grass on a sunny day to being surrounded by evergreens in the mountains. Introducing green into your space brings the calming feeling of these natural places. Think sage greens, honeyed woods, and delicate, grassy hues to envelop your space in a soothing atmosphere that promotes ease and relaxation.

Your home should be a place of rest and rejuvenation. Choosing to surround yourself with these calming paint color suggestions from Handler Homes can contribute to ensuring that your living space fulfills this purpose. For more helpful tips and inspiration, don't forget to browse our other blogs!

By Handler Homes 12-28-2023