How to Create a Successful Indoor Herb Garden

Having fresh herbs on hand to spice up homemade dishes is a real treat. But buying them prepackaged from the store can get pricey, and many find it difficult to use all the leaves before they turn bad. The good news is that growing your own herbs at home is easier than you may think! Handler Homes is here to tell you how.

Locate a Nice Windowsill

The best thing you can do for live herbs is to give them plenty of light. So, before you go out shopping, look at what kind of natural sunlight is available in your home. A south facing window will be the most ideal choice. But any sunny spot that receives at least six hours of sunlight a day should do the trick.

Select Your Plants

The next step is to shop for the herbs you want to grow. There are different varieties of the same herb that may suit your space more than others. For example, if you are placing your herbs on a windowsill, you may want to choose varieties that are more shrublike and do not grow too tall. If you are unsure of what will fit your space best, do not be afraid to ask.

You can either buy a starter plant or seeds, but the containers you get for them will basically be the same. Try to buy a container that comes with a drainage hole to control how much water sits at the roots of the plant.

Setting Everything Up

Now all that is left is to set everything up. A general potting mix should do just fine for our purposes, but if you want extra insurance that your roots will not stay wet too long, you can add in aeration in the form of pumice or orchid bark. Once you have your potting mix ready, take your pot and fill it about ¾ of the way up. Then, place your plant or sprinkle your seeds over top. After that, go ahead and cover the seeds with more soil or cover the established plant until it is snuggly fit inside the container. Once everything is set up, give the plant a nice thorough watering. Meaning that you water the pot until you see water draining out of the bottom. Finally, place your herbs in your windowsill until you are ready to use them!

Herbs really thrive from being trimmed, so do not be afraid to snip away generously when cooking at home. It is really that simple. Give them some sun, water them when they get dry and you will have fresh, aromatic herbs year-round. We hope that this makes the time you spend in your Handler home even sweeter.

By Handler Homes 11-30-2020